Washing any of your shirts is not just about following instructions about putting detergent and water on your washing machine, throwing in your clothes and waiting for the entire process to finish. If you want your clothes and any important shirts to last long, it is necessary that you know the proper way of washing a shirt whether you are washing by hand or using a washing machine. To learn how to properly wash a shirt, the following are some steps to follow in washing using a machine or by hand.

Basics on How to Properly Wash a Shirt

Whether you are planning to wash your shirt by hand or using a machine, there are certain tips that you must follow to ensure that your shirts are free from dirt and stains and will keep its original shape. Check out the following steps when washing clothes:

Read the Washing Instructions of Clothes with the Label

You want to make sure that your shirt will come out of your machine clean and at its best condition, so check the washing instructions on the label to protect it from getting damaged.

Separate Light Colored Shirts with Dark Colored Ones

This is among the common mistake of first timers. They wash everything together. Dark colored clothes tend to leave their dye when washed while light colored ones pick the colors. Most of the time, the new dark colored clothes are the ones bleeding and staining light colored fabrics. To prevent this, separate the light and dark colored clothes. Though you do not want to settle with two washing loads on your machine, it is necessary to avoid staining. If you are hand washing, you can start washing the light colored shirts first and then slowly proceed to the dark colors.

Prepare the Shirt and Other Clothes

Unbutton the shirts from the collar buttons to the cuff buttons. Remove detachable materials prior to cleaning. Unzip the zippers and keep everything loosened.

Pre-Treat Any Stains

You can try working on stains with dabbing some detergent on the problem areas or spot clean them using a stain remover pain.

Choose the Right Cycle

When washing with a machine, start with a delicate cycle for shirts requiring this setting and then proceed with the normal cycle for all other shirts. If you are hand washing, you can soak the shirts first and then scrub them against the cloth to remove dirt.

What Detergents to Use

Different shirts may require different detergents or soaps when washed. To prevent staining when mixed with other shirts, it is best that you use detergents without bleach as it can also protect dark colored clothes from discoloration.

Drying the Clothes

After you have rinsed the shirts, use the spin cycle for wringing the extra water from the shirts. When hand wringing, you can just squeeze the extra water out of it instead of twisting it as it may stretch the fabric and distort its shape. You can either hang the shirt on using a hanger or a clothespins, but make sure the hanger does not have sharp parts or the clothespins are not tight to prevent leaving marks on the shirt. You can also let them lay over a clean surface and air dry them.


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